PD Gun Model 389 Nickel

PD Gun Model 389 Nickel


Type: Cartridge Color: Black stock, electroless-nickel assembly Pack size: 1 *Cycling for Model 389* Recent field studies have concluded that cartridge-based projectors perform best when given adequate time to cycle. By definition: Cycling implies the ability for the gas chamber, within a cartridge-fired projector, to replenish itself with fresh oxygen. When achieved the projector yields a more consistent burn rate in each charge fired. Failure to do so results in less oxygen yielding lower combustion levels (e.g., reduced muzzle velocities) for subsequent RDD Devices fired at less than 30-second intervals.

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The Model 389 is the latest and most advanced cartridge-fired projector of the modern day era. Although unique, the Model 389 is a collaborative design based on its predecessor’s best attributes. The Model 389 has proven to be the most versatile, accurate, and consistent cartridge-fired projector ever made. The hinged, breech loading barrel supports any size RDD Device and is equipped with our revolutionary Airflow Control Ports. Our ACP technology aligns with the exiting gas at the muzzle, thereby virtually eliminating “tail-kick” of the RDD Device. The five position power control has been moved closer to the user, ensuring silent, quick, and safe power adjustment for any shot distance. This model comprises a uniform electroless nickel-plated finish mounted handsomely on a camo composite stock and with mounted scope.

  • 389 stock and action - Marlin Model XT .22 caliber 5 shot clip (Model 389 ships with 3-9 × 32mm scope) Optical sights are incorporated and made part of the projector to insure effective and humane RDD Device delivery.
  • Barrel - 13mm caliber 19" rifled barrel with Airflow Control Ports
  • Action - Break open breach loading
  • Cartridges - CCI 22 caliber blank power loads
  • Weight - 9 1/2 Ibs.
  • Power control - 5 position
  • Range - 0 to 70 yards with 1cc Type ‘C’ disposable RDD Devices